Sleep Mask for Women


Elegant and stylish way to sleep, having a better resting night. Ideal for insomnia and short naps.

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Comfortable Elegant Sleeping Mask

The Satin Eye Sleeping Mask is an elegant and stylish way to sleep, having a better resting night.



Made with satin fabric with embroider on the outside and super soft fleece to cover and gently protect eyes, on the inside. Comfortable elastic head band, which doesn’t tangle hair and fits most sizes. The mask is breathable and super lightweight.


Benefits of Using the Mask

  • helps to fall asleep keeping eyes closed
  • blocks light
  • ideal for insomnia
  • one sleeps while the other one reads or watches TV
  • useful when not at home, like planes, hotels, and camping
  • great for short daytime naps
  • perfect meditation and yoga



  • Eye mask: 9″ x 4.75″ (23cm x 12cm)
  • Head strap: 13″ x 1″ (33cm x 2.5cm)


Product Care

  1. Hand wash with cold water.
  2. Hand dry, do not expose to direct sunlight
  3. If needed, iron at low-temperature, placing a cotton or linen fabric in between the mask and the iron.


Lifetime Warranty

If the product is not right for you, we will buy it back within 30 days, no questions asked. If the product has any manufacture defect, we will replace it for lifetime.


Sold exclusively by Zorelle™.


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