Weighted Eye Mask Pillow


The weighted Lavender Eye Pillow is a compress hot therapy, which helps with insomnia, anxiety, stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes and sleeping quality. Is great for meditation and yoga.

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The Perfect Way to Relax

The Lavender Eye Pillow is a natural therapy that helps relaxing. When heated in the microwave, provides a smooth moist heat while releases subtle aromatherapy.

Therapeutic Results

The pillow reduces migraines, headaches, and sinus; relieves anxiety and stress, and improves sleeping quality. It also helpful with dry eyes, dark circles, eye fatigue, and is great for meditation and savasana during yoga.


Especially Designed for your Comfort

  • thoughtfully designed by specialists
  • comfortable shape, curved to fit around the nose
  • adjustable elastic to firm the pillow, preventing from sliding
  • great for women and men

High Quality and Selected Materials

The Eye Pillow is made with luxurious and soft black washable fabric and weights 8oz (230grs) for compress therapy. Is filled with high-quality flaxseeds (do not attract mold) and organic lavender dried herbs, for aromatherapy purpose.


Use it Hot, Warm, Cool, or Cold

Although the pillow was designed for hot therapy, it can also be used cool or cold by cooling it in the freezer.


Pillow and Eye Mask at the Same Time

Open the zipper on the pillow and remove the white filling bag. Adjust the elastic band over the head at your comfort, to secure it. Use it as a sleeping mask, for better rest.


Directions on How to Use

Hot Use
  1. Open the zipper of the black fabric and remove the white inner bag, containing the seeds.
  2. Place ONLY the inner bag in the microwave on a clean plate.
  3. Heat the bag for 30 seconds on high power.
  4. Depending on the desired warmth, increase by 10 second increments as needed.
  5. After heating, insert the inner white bag back into the black fabric, and close the zipper.
  6. Place the Lavender Eye Pillow over the eyes or forehead and adjust the band around the head.

The pillow con also be used in other areas of the body such as hands, limbs, and chest.

  • The heating time varies depending on the microwave power.
  • The microwave must be clean.
  • The pillow must not be damp.
Cold Use
  1. Place the pillow on a sealed plastic bag.
  2. Keep it in the freezer for at least two hours
  3. Place the Lavender Eye Pillow over the eyes or forehead and adjust the band around the head.

Product Care

Open the zipper and remove the white inner bag. Wash ONLY the black fabric and allow to dry completely before putting the bag back.


  • The Lavender Eye Pillow can get very hot, handle with care.
  • Do not overheat.
  • Do not wash, wet, or submerge the bag containing the seeds.
  • Verify that the product is not damaged before heating.
  • The filling should not be ingested

Lifetime Warranty

If the product is not right for you, we will buy it back within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. If the product has any manufacture defect, we will replace it for lifetime.


Sold exclusively by Zorelle™.


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